“God Is Going To Do Something Supernatural In These Elections”

Over the weekend, Cindy and Mike Jacobs of Generals International hosted a three hour event in Dallas, TX designed to be a “powerful night of worship and prayer for the elections and the state of our government in the United States.”

During the event, they showed the video David Barton produced warning Christians that God will hold them responsible for how they vote as well as two videos produced by Jim Garlow who wanted to be there in person but could not attend. 

I’ve edited down the entire event to a short, two-minute clip featuring:

  • Cindy Jacobs declaring that the Holy Spirit had spoken to her and declared that if Latinos would vote “righteousness” and support candidates who oppose gay marriage and abortion, then God would see to it that they get comprehensive immigration reform;
  • Tom Schlueter getting on his knees and dipping the US flag to God, asking Him to break any elected leader who will not humble themselves before Him;
  • Randy Delp “praying in proxy for those about to be aborted,” by screaming “Let Us Live!”;
  • And finally Jacobs again declaring that thanks to their prayers, “God is going to do something supernatural in these elections”