God Has Been Working To Keep Sally Kern In Office

Oklahoma Representative Sally Kern has been promoting her book “The Stoning of Sally Kern: The Liberal Attack on Christian Conservatism – And Why We Must Take a Stand” in which she compares the attacks on her to Pearl Harbor for several weeks now and last week appeared on the radio with Concerned Women for America where she and host Martha Kleder marveled at how God has kept her in office by placing her in a conservative district so she could win re-election:

Kleder:Well it is a testament to God’s grace that you are still in office, given the firestorm that erupted, given the artillery that the other side had that was aimed directly at you and your race, several races. It really is a testament to the Lord.

Kern: Well, it really is. And Martha, something else – I don’t mention this in the book – but when I had my first race after all of this happened and I had a very liberal Democrat running against me and of course he was saying all kinds of stuff about me. And I was at the time having an issue with my back and the doctor said “don’t you go walking door to door.” So I wanted to see why kind of traction my opponent was getting so I had a survey done by a good group here in Oklahoma and what we found out which I think, this just shows the Lord’s wisdom and intervention, I have the most conservative district and the most churched district in all of Oklahoma. Now, isn’t that something? Had I been in any other district, I might very well have been defeated, but not in the district that I’m in.