‘God Doesn’t Pander to the Lawless’: Chris McDonald Says Detained Immigrants Are Not Entitled to Soap or Toothpaste

On last night’s episode of his “The MC Files” program, right-wing MAGA commentator and activist Chris McDonald declared that he has no sympathy for immigrant children who are reportedly being held in U.S. detention centers without access to things like soap or toothpaste, declaring that “God doesn’t pander to the lawless.”

“This is demonic,” McDonald said about the wave of immigrants attempting to cross the southern border. “This is the spirit of Antichrist. Whether people want to admit it or not, it’s the spirit of lawlessness.”

“I may be a little hardcore about this, but I’m getting sort of sick and tired of the media, and I’m getting sick and tired of these left-wing politicians blaming President Trump for the horrendous conditions at these detention centers,” he added. “I’ve got news for you, my friend: if they don’t want bad conditions at a detention center, don’t come across our border illegally. You’ve got the greatest center in the world at your home. If you’re complaining about not getting toothpaste and soap at a detention center, I’ve got a remedy for that: Go home! Go home and find your toothpaste and soap at your house.”

“We’re not obligated,” McDonald said. “I just don’t feel like God has put it on America’s tab to pander to the lawless. God doesn’t pander to the lawless.”