Glenn Beck Says The Blaze Was ‘Falling Apart At The Seams’ Three Years Ago, But That’s Not What He Was Saying Then

Glenn Beck seems to be constantly having breakthroughs that allow him to insist that everything is finally on the right track, in contrast to past years in which everything was apparently going off the rails.

Beck’s repeated claims that now everything is in order are somewhat undermined by the fact that he is always insisting that he now has everything under control and heading in the right direction, unlike before when things were disorganized and chaotic.

Case in point: On his radio show today, Beck insisted that things at his network, The Blaze, are great after “things went horribly awry” in his company a few years ago, mostly through no fault of his own.

Beck said that he “unknowingly violated some principles a few years ago” by mistakenly trusting people in his company who, he says, “unbeknownst to me,” saddled him with millions of dollars in debt and massive leases on properties he didn’t want or need.

Beck says that he violated his own principles in allowing that to happen, “so, when you read two years ago or three years ago that Glenn’s company is falling apart at the seams, three years ago, that was absolutely right. Absolutely right. Thirteen million dollars in debt, didn’t know how we were going to keep the doors open even to this radio studio for a week.”

But thanks to “miracle after miracle” and “cleaning out our own house,” Beck said that The Blaze has turned around and that he is really excited about the future because “I got my eye on the ball for the first time in ten years.”

Of course, three years ago, Beck was talking endlessly about how amazing things were at The Blaze because God had some big plans and “absolute miracles” in store for his network that would lead to “success beyond our wildest imaginations.”

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