Glenn Beck Claims COVID-19 Lockdowns Helping Democrats Prep U.S. for a​ Coup

(Screenshot / YouTube)

Right-wing radio host and conspiracy theorist Glenn Beck told viewers in a broadcast uploaded to YouTube Wednesday that the United States is “in its final stage” and that Democrats were plotting a “color revolution” to usurp the current government.

Beck began his program urging viewers to resist the urge to contribute to his prophesized chaos, instead telling them to “trust in God” and “pray like you’ve never prayed before.” Disclaimer issued, Beck proceeded to allege that Democrats could use mail-in voting to “jimmy up the votes” to defeat President Donald Trump and produce an illegitimate victory for Democratic nominee Joe Biden, calling the supposed effort “un​-American.” He highlighted news articles detailing concerns that the outcome of the election will not be confirmed on election night because mail-in ballots will take longer to count.

“All of this, it almost feels like you’re being prepped for something big,” Beck said. “It’s almost, to use a California term that everybody seems in California to be comfortable with, it’s almost like we’re being groomed for something.”

Beck later doubled down on his claims, telling his viewers that they need to be familiar with the term “color revolution,” which refers to a series of popular uprisings against authoritarian regimes around the world. Beck alleged that such an uprising was being plotted in the United States by former Obama administration officials and George Soros. He pointed to prior U.S. involvement in foreign coups to suggest that Democratic leaders would use the same schemes to topple the country this November.

“I wish this was an outside enemy. I do. I hate thinking this of fellow citizens, but it’s the only way to explain everything that’s going on,” Beck said.

Beck took to his chalkboard to spell out what he said was evidence of a “U.S. color revolution” in the making. Beck alleged that Democrats have dominated or found allies in national media, entertainment, education, the “deep state,” the military, finance, social media, and other bastions of society. Beck also claimed that COVID-19 lockdowns have primed Americans to be “compliant” during a takeover of the government.

“The First Amendment gives you the right to go to church. Our churches are closed. Why? They’ve got to get you to be compliant because then you can steal the country,” Beck said. “Just look how easily we are willing to comply on everything, how easily the Bill of Rights was just shredded over a virus with a 99 percent recovery rate.”

“The defeat of Hillary Clinton escalated their plan into revolution,” he added. ​”They went into overdrive in 2017 and it will culminate this November.”