Glenn Beck Rewrites History To Present Himself As A Voice Of Reason During The Obama Administration

On his radio show today, Glenn Beck read a story from The Daily Wire that analyzed and dismissed a piece on Medium suggesting that the early actions of the Trump administration have been a “trial balloon” for launching a “coup d’état against the United States.”

Beck, of all people, mocked those on the left for being “so non-self-aware” while insisting that articles like this are evidence that “the world has gone insane.”

“The left is going further than anything that we ever said,” Beck laughably claimed. “Remember the people who were full-fledged ‘Barack Obama is going to take the government and we’re all going to be in prison camps’? Remember those guys? We all said, ‘No, relax, I don’t think that’s going to happen.'”

Nobody on the left, Beck worried, is acting as the voice of reason, like he did when people made wild allegations about Obama.

Beck, of course, repeatedly warned that Obama was poised to start rounding up conservatives and placing them in camps:

In fact, it was such a staple of Beck’s rhetoric that his own co-hosts even mocked him for it:

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