Glenn Beck Returns The Favor

Last weekend, Glenn Beck delivered the commencement address at Liberty University. 

Last night, Beck returned the favor and invited Jerry Falwell Jr. to be a guest on his Fox News program where the two engaged in a discussion about how President Obama is just like King George and is trying to take over the nation’s churches:

BECK: My theory is, because somebody asked me today, why would they do this, Glenn, with social justice? Why would they do this? My theory is — and I’d love to hear your thought on this — is that they are already indoctrinating our children: There is no God. God is not playing a role. Churches are — and so it’s already dying, but there is still gas left in tank. There’s gas left in the tank with, you know, those of us who grew up in a different era where we looked at God.

These people are using the last bit of gas in that tank and they’re burning it through, because we will become the Church of England or what the churches are in Europe, which is — they’re empty.

FALWELL: I think it might be more insidious than that. When I read over the president’s report last night on his faith-based initiative, it sounded more like a takeover — like we have seen with the banking industry, like with the auto industry, with like, health care.

And the reason I say that is because the word “partnership” was in there probably every other sentence … [W]hen I hear the Obama administration talking about eliminating the charitable deduction, it just makes me suspicious that the next step is to take the place of the church.

[T]his proposal goes beyond that and it reminds me of what King George was doing in Colonial Virginia. He required all the citizens of colonial Virginia to be members of the Anglican Church, to pay tithes to the church and he appointed archbishop of the church. So he was helping God. He was doing something good — supposedly. But the real goal was power over the citizens and the State of Virginia.