Glenn Beck Pays Attention To A School Shooting, For A Change

One of the most striking things about watching Glenn Beck day in and day out is the extent to which he is quite literally the embodiment of the very things that he rants about on his program. Whatever negative trait he is attributing to his ideological enemies, you can rest assured that Beck possesses and engages in the very same behavior on a regular basis.

One thing we have noticed is that anytime there is any sort of shooting at a school or public place, the chance of Beck addressing it on his radio or TV in the following days depends entirely on whether or not he can use it to promote his agenda. Generally, he cannot and so he simply ignores it.

But that is not what is happening with the school shooting in Colorado last week, since the shooter was supposedly a “socialist.” So, in this case, Beck announced on his radio show that tonight’s television program is going to examine just how the media is now ignoring this shooting and trying to cover it up … because it doesn’t fit their agenda, Beck says.

On the broadcast today, Beck read through a list of semi-recent violent incidents for which the Tea Party was supposedly wrongly blamed by the media, with Beck telling his audience to print out the story, teach it to their children, and preserve it for future generations because today’s history is “all being rewritten in real time”: 

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