Glenn Beck: Michelle Obama Delivered ‘The Most Effective Political Speech … Since Ronald Reagan’

Glenn Beck began his radio program today by declaring that the speech First Lady Michelle Obama delivered yesterday in New Hampshire powerfully denouncing Donald Trump’s disgraceful treatment of women was “the most effective political speech I have heard since Ronald Reagan.”

Beck was flabbergasted that the party of Bill Clinton has been able to claim the moral high ground on this issue because the Republican Party was foolish enough to nominate someone like Trump, which has utterly destroyed the GOP’s credibility.

“It connected,” Beck said of Obama’s speech. “Whether you like to believe it or not, whether I want to believe it or not, it connected and it was powerful. You don’t have to believe it to see its devastating effect, and I don’t even mean on Donald Trump; I mean on the conservative movement. A devastating attack. We had been talking about, ‘There is no war on women.’ You just handed them a war on women and they took it and if you listen to her words carefully—oh my gosh, oh my gosh—they are co-opting women and it will work. They are talking about how crippled women are and it’s time you have a protector. Oh my gosh, the conservatives, it’s probably too late, it’s probably too late for you to regain credibility.”

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