Glenn Beck Judges Not. Not.

The morning after his Renewing Honor rally on the National Mall, Glenn Beck sat for an interview with Fox News’ Chris Wallace, who actually asked Beck some tough questions about calling President Obama a racist and attacking his faith. Beck retracted his notorious comments calling Obama a hater of white people and “white culture,” saying the problem was with Obama’s connections to liberation theology and its notion of collective salvation.

“I’m not judging him for that.” said Beck. “I’m not demonizing it. I disagree with it.”

Really, Glenn? Not judging or demonizing?

Here’s what Beck said on air less than two months ago:

“It is evil. Collective salvation, excuse me for being a Jesus freak, is from Satan. Collective salvation is from the devil, not God. And we have some audio of the president talking about his collective salvation. His personal salvation will not happen unless there is collective salvation. That is evil.”

Whew. What would Beck demonizing somebody look like?

It might look like Beck showing a 40-year-old video of a radical Black Panther leader Khalid Abdul Muhammad calling for white people to be killed and insinuating that there is a connection between that screed and President Obama. It might look like this:

… this is the root of social justice. Social justice has to happen because we all are in this together. It also is the way that you can excuse killing cracker babies. You can kill millions of people because they don’t get it, and if we don’t get them out of the way, we can’t all be saved. Now, this is the religious context. Now, not everybody who is — you know, most people who are like Stalin, they don’t believe in the religious side. But the American social justice progressive, in the way the early 20th century or Jeremiah Wright understand collective salvation, this is it. And it is out and out evil.