Glenn Beck Has the Right Message for Liberty U’s Graduation

I’ve been noting recently how Liberty University seems to be transforming itself into something of a political organization as it is taking credit for delivering local elections, using its voting power to target the local city council, and even actively working to turn its student body into the “future leaders” of the Religious Right movement.

Along the same lines, Glenn Beck has been tapped to deliver the commencement address at LU’s graduation in a few weeks and some right-wing activists are upset that a Mormon like Beck would be asked to speak at a Christian university … and LU’s defense of the decision seems rather telling

Liberty University spokesman Johnnie Moore responds by saying that Beck was chosen because he is right for the event.

“In this time period, where it seems like so many in the United States are embracing a larger government and socialist tendencies, Glenn Beck is one of the people out there who is sort of championing traditional American values and [the] perception of the United States of limited government and of freedom,” Moore explains.

LU apparently thinks that what its graduates need to hear on graduation day are the rabid ravings of a McCarthyite propagandist convinced that Barack Obama and the Democrats are intent on turning America into a Nazified socialist state.