Glenn Beck Gives Guest Two Hours To Lay Out His Theory That Jerry Sandusky Sex Abuse Case Was ‘Fake News’

Glenn Beck dedicated his entire radio program today to interviewing radio host and media commentator John Ziegler about his theory that Penn State football coach Jerry Sandusky, who was sentenced to at least 30 years in prison for child sexual abuse in 2012, was set up and is, in fact, totally innocent.

Ziegler has spent years asserting that Sandusky and head coach Joe Paterno were framed, and Beck felt that this theory was potentially so important and earth-shattering that he granted Ziigler two entire hours today to lay out his case.

While Beck initially insisted that he didn’t know whether or not he believed Ziegler’s theory, by the end of the program he was openly wondering if Sandusky’s conviction “has the potential of being remembered a little like the McCarthy hearings or the red scare, that we’re going to look back on this and just see people screaming ‘molestation’ and destroying innocent people in their wake.”

For his part, Ziegler insisted that everyone at Penn State knows that the entire case was bogus and was an example of “fake news” falsely created by the media.

“This story breaks in Pennsylvania not long after the whole Catholic Church scandal,” Ziegler said. “And because of that, it sets a prism through which everybody, especially in the news media, sees this. They see Paterno as the pope, they see the administrators as the cardinals, they see Sandusky, oh, he’s the pedophile priest, and they see the Penn State football fans as, oh, these are the Catholic parishioners who love their football so much, their religion of football, that they’re willing to look the other way and pretend that a pedophile didn’t really exist.”

Ziegler declared that his crusade to prove Sandusky’s innocence “is a pretty good hill to die on” and that he is willing to do just that because he knows for a fact that the allegations against him are totally false.

“Jerry Sandusky is, in fact, innocent,” he said, “and it’s not even close.”