Given Land’s Track Record, Islamic Center Developers Shouldn’t Be Too Worried

It appears as if Richard Land isn’t giving up his blatantly hypocritical opposition to the so-called “Ground Zero Mosque” … nor his penchant for making absurdly bold predictions:

A scholar and Southern Baptist leader is convinced that the controversial “Ground Zero” mosque project will never fully develop.

Dr. Richard Land, president of The Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC) of the Southern Baptist Convention, opposes the renamed “Park51” project and is convinced it will never be built at the proposed location.

“I guarantee you that mosque will not be built two blocks from Ground Zero, and I’ll tell you why — the construction unions will refuse to build it,” he suggests. “And if the construction unions don’t build it, it won’t get built. The hard hats will picket it, and the unions will not cross that picket line. They lost too many of their own on 9/11.”

Just allow me to point out that Land does not have a particularly good track record of making predictions, as he recently declared that Hillary Clinton would resign as Secretary of State in order to challenge President Obama and that she’d do so “within 30 days” of the last election.

Well, guess what?  It has now been exactly thirty days since the election and Clinton is still serving as Secretary of State.  In fact, she recently announced that her days of running for office were completely over.

So I am going to make a bold prediction of my own: Land is not going to let the fact that his predictions routinely turn out to be utterly wrong stop him from continuing to make ill-informed predictions.