Geller Warns Obama May Start a War to Win Re-Election

Pamela Geller yesterday returned to The Janet Mefferd Show to discuss her claims that the Muslim Brotherhood is “infiltrating” the Department of Justice. In her last appearance, she accused President Obama and the DOJ of attempting to restore “the universal caliphate.” Now, Geller says that “we see an Islamization of the Department of Justice,” which she claims is working with “Muslim groups” to try “to impose Islam on a secular society”:

Where is the line to the Muslim community, reaching out to the jihadists and calling the problem what it is; what the problem really is. I mean I don’t see any of that being done, everybody is blaming the messenger, if you talk about this Janet you’re going to be smeared, you’re going to be defamed, and anybody that talks about it—but what about the it? What is being done about it? This is what I find so confounding and bemusing that nobody will address the jihadists, nobody. My contention is these Muslim groups are very much in line with the objective and the objective is to impose Islam on a secular society and we see it, we see an Islamization of the Department of Justice.

But Geller wasn’t done. The anti-Muslim activist went on to claim that Obama may start a war as an “election ploy,” and derided the media as a “propaganda arm for the über-left and Islamic supremacists”:

Obama, people don’t think he’s going to be re-elected, but you know I’m sure you’ve heard of these movements, the troop movement in Kuwait and he may very well go into Iran, and I do believe it would be an election ploy and I think that it would work, I really do, I think that it would work if we removed—and I’m a big believer, just so you know huge supporter of removing nuclear sites there. So the country really is under attack from within and I think the first thing people really need to do is first learn everything, you must learn everything, because there is so much disinformation and the media is just criminally negligent, they have absolutely abdicated their role in the dissemination of news and information and have become a propaganda arm for the über-left and Islamic supremacists.