Gays, Straights Talking Is “Risky Behavior,

Public schools should ban gay-straight alliance groups because they promote “risky behavior,” according to the American Family Association of Michigan. Gary Glenn, president of AFA Michigan, is targeting a school board in Forest Hills, Michigan, which rejected pressure to ban student groups that advocate tolerance and a safe environment for gay students. “In fact, the Lubbock (Texas) School District did exactly that. They found that the so-called Gay Straight Alliance would be promoting behavior that was self-destructive and harmful to young people,” Glenn says, “and on that basis refused to allow such homosexual propaganda to take place in the public schools.” Gay-Straight Alliance clubs are protected by the federal Equal Access Act, as People For the American Way Foundation and other groups have successfully argued in past cases. Glenn is citing a case two years ago in which a judge objected to links on a club’s web site.

According to Glenn, if the school district “truly cared about young people who are ensnared by deviant behavior, they would tell them the truth that homosexuality is harmful and to be avoided.”