Wellington Boone: Gays Are Really Eunuchs Who Have Been Tricked By The Devil

Earlier this week, David Yarns guest-hosted Rick Joyner’s “Prophetic Perspectives on Current Events” program, where he interviewed anti-LGBT pastor Wellington Boone, who took it upon himself to tell gay people that they are really “eunuchs” who have “let the devil trick” them.

“Let me say something that will absolutely blow the gay community’s mind right now,” he said. “You really have been misnamed. Just like ‘African-American’ is a misnomer—that’s not a correct name—it’s black American. So is ‘gay’ or ‘homosexual.’ What you are, are eunuchs. You are a eunuch culture. And in the Bible you let the devil trick you, though, by making you think your issue is sex with the same gender, who is actually having a union with God. And there are many, many places in the Bible where you can see you’re a eunuch…Look up eunuch in the whole of the Bible; you’ll see that you sold yourself for human pleasure when you were made to please God. You are eunuchs. And Jesus even spoke to that point, he says, ‘There are you who are born that way, there are eunuchs who made themselves that way, and then there are eunuchs who were made to be eunuchs by someone else.’”

Boone also blasted the LGBT community for comparing their movement to the fight for civil rights, saying, “They’re using the cause of race and what blacks have gone through in history for their cause. I call it, you’re robbing blacks of their history and you’re making them think that you’re with them, but you’re not with us. But I’m going to tell you who is with you: The Lord is with you if you’re willing to change.”