Gay Snipers Are Out To Destroy Your Family

That, at least, seems to be the message of this new video from the Family Policy Council of West Virginia on the need to pass a marriage amendment in the state, judging by this image:

The AP has more:

A group that wants to amend West Virginia’s constitution to define marriage as between a man and a woman is running an online ad that likens same-sex marriage supporters to snipers targeting families.

The group, The Family Policy Council of West Virginia, has yet to register as a charity with state officials, though it’s reported raising enough to trigger that requirement.

The council wants the Legislature to allow a statewide vote on the amendment, similar to those passed in at least 30 states.

Council President Jeremy Dys announced Wednesday that hundreds of churches across West Virginia would take part in “Stand4Marriage Sunday” March 1 as part of its campaign.

The council has posted a five-minute video on one of its Web sites and on YouTube.

“Marriage began in the heart of God,” the narrator says as the ad starts.

About a minute into the video, the crosshairs of a rifle scope appear over the image of a family blowing bubbles. The narrator warns that “same-sex marriage is a closer reality in West Virginia than you may think,” and that activists are “working tirelessly to define marriage away from God’s design.”

We noted that the WVFPC had started demanding such an amendment last year and has been leading the push for it (as well as doing what it can to break up the families of gay couples).  Interestingly, the AP notes that the WVFPC has had a rather convoluted history since it was formed as the West Virginia Values Coalition in 2005, and then changed its name to the Family Policy Council in 2007, pointing out that the secretary of state’s charities division has no registration for the council “though it requires one from groups that solicit at least $25,000 in West Virginia donations in one year. The [WVFPC] raises funds through both its Web sites. Its latest available filing with the IRS, from 2007, lists $170,320 in contributions.”