Gavin McInnes Says Marriage Equality Was ‘A Trick’ To Destroy Christianity

Gavin McInnes, the CRTV host who leads an alt-right-adjacent hate group, told Stephen Herreid at CatholicVote yesterday that he no longer supports marriage equality because he believes it is part of a secret plan to delegitimize Christianity.

“We got gay marriage wrong as a nation,” Herreid said, “even though it’s got high approval ratings.”

McInnes responded, “The left tricked us with gay marriage. They tricked me. I was for it and I thought it was just about two people who want to get married and I thought, ‘Straights aren’t very good at being married. Let’s let someone else give it a whirl. At least they’re trying to normalize themselves and assimilate.’ But it turns out it was just trying to de-justify Catholicism and Christianity in general. We got duped by liars, by propagandists.”

Herreid asked, “So you’re not pro-gay marriage anymore?”

“No. Gay marriage was a trick, it’s a tool to tell people to bake cakes. Laws are based on morality, so if it’s illegal for a Catholic to refuse a ceremony, you are saying that Catholicism is immoral and that was really the goal of gay marriage—discredit Christianity.”