Gavin McInnes On Child Detention Camps: ‘That Looks Like A Fun Place To Hang’

CRTV host and hate group founder Gavin McInnes said on his “Get Off My Lawn” show yesterday that the detention camps where U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement has been placing the children it separates from parents who have crossed the border illegally look “awesome” and wondered whether those children were getting “too much food.”

McInnes began his program by talking about the ongoing public outcry over the conditions in which migrant children, including infants, are being kept amid reports of children screaming for their parents and older children having to change the diapers of babies while living in cages.

“All these kids in cages and stuff that you’re seeing, that’s all about optics. The pictures you’re seeing are from Obama’s administration,” McInnes said, referring to a set of photos from 2014 that some have mistakenly circulated as if they were current, ignoring the fact that many children are still kept in cages.

McInnes then reacted to selectively edited footage released by the government from inside of a center in Brownsville, Texas, by declaring that it seems like the sort of place he would want to stay.

“It looks like the Holiday Inn. I would like to stay here. They get three meals a day and two snacks. That’s too much. Isn’t that too much food? I have one meal a day, sometimes two.”

When footage of a bunk with five beds aired, McInnes said, “That looks awesome. That’s not a prison. That looks like a fun place to hang.”

“Everyone is lying to you about immigration and what these kids go through and the left is being knowingly ignorant. It’s willful ignorance,” McInnes said.