Gary Bauer: Left Will Lead The Country ‘Forever’ If Donald Trump Loses

In an interview on Tuesday with American Family Radio’s Fred Jackson, Gary Bauer of American Values suggested that future elections won’t matter if Donald Trump is defeated in November.

Bauer argued that conservative evangelicals should ignore the leaked tape of Trump bragging about sexual assault in order to prevent Hillary Clinton from appointing liberal justices to the Supreme Court “who will then put into place everything that evangelical and value voters despise, fear and are trying to resist with all their might.”

After claiming that the tape was released as part of an effort to “confuse” and “suppress the vote of values voters, of evangelicals and serious Catholics,” Bauer lamented that “over a tape with a couple of really bad words in it, we’re going to give the country to the left and they will have it probably, Fred, forever, but certainly will have it for the next 30 years after the Supreme Court appointments.”

Bauer also responded to some of his fellow evangelical conservatives who he said have argued that the Religious Right should wait until the next presidential election to “get an evangelical in” the White House.

“Folks, the next presidential election won’t matter,” he said. “Everything we believe in will be ruled unconstitutional and the judges that will be on the court will be young, appointed, left-wing judges that will be on 30, 40 years.”

“Hillary Clinton,” Bauer warned, “has devoted her life to opposing and destroying everything we believe in.”