Garrow Suggests Obama Had Hawaii Health Director Killed As Part Of Birther Cover-Up

Conservative activist Jim Garrow continues to insist that he is a former intelligence officer who knows that President Obama killed Andrew Breitbart, Michael Hastings and Tom Clancy…and tried to nuke America.

Now he he’s claiming that Obama’s “thugs” murdered Lorette Fuddy, the Hawaii health director whose recent death in a plane crash has become the focus of birther conspiracy theories.

Conservative writer and talk show host Erik Rush actually believes Garrow’s theory about Fuddy’s “mysterious” death, and had him on his show yesterday to discuss his belief that she may have been murdered just like Breitbart.

“There are no coincidences with this administration and with the thugs that have brought Chicago tactics to bear,” Garrow said. “We’re seeing murder.”

Later in the broadcast, Garrow said that Fuddy might have been killed with neurotoxins before the plane crash.