Garlow and Robison Discuss How to Save America Through Fasting, Declaring, Voting, and Protecting Marriage

Yesterday, Jim Garlow, Chairman of Newt Gingrich’s Renewing American Leadership and founder of Pray and ACT, was on “Life Today” with James Robsion where he discussed his efforts to mobilize Religious Right activists heading into the election.

In this frist clip, Garlow explains that the core of his “Pray and ACT” effort is to get Christians to fast for forty days heading into the election and to sign onto the Manhattan Declaration, which Robison declares is “as close to being inspired as anything outside the Bible and similar to the Constitution in its authenticity and its authority.” But, Garlow explained, praying, fasting, and declaring ones values alone are not enough, as that commitment then has to be transformed into political action:

In this second clip, Garlow explains how the battle for marriage is the single most important battle taking place today because if Christians lose, the Gospel will be silenced and “the enemy” will have succeeded in destroying “the image of God on Earth” because marriage is a terrestrial representation of mankind’s ultimate marriage between Jesus and the Church: