Gaffney: Ground Zero Mosque is Evidence to Muslims ‘That Our Submission is Inevitable’

Earlier today we posted a video of Frank Gaffney claiming that the Muslim Brotherhood was waging “pre-violent” jihad against America by infiltrating our churches, courtrooms, and capital markets in order to “destroy us from within.”

Gaffney’s explained that it was the strategy of  the Muslim Brotherhood to use “pre-violent” jihad in places where outright violence would hinder their efforts to install Sharia.  America is just such a place, which is why the Brotherhood is currently working behind the scenes in order to soften us up to the point where it can engage in open violence without fear of resistance.   

On yesterday’s episode of “Prophetic Perspective on Current Events,” Gaffney explained that the so-called “Ground Zero Mosque” was evidence to Islamic fundamentalists that “our submission is inevitable” and so they must “redouble the effort to make us feel subdued” which means that they will move from the “pre-violent” phase of the plan “to the phase where violence is not only possible, it’s mandatory”: