From “Wacko” To “Vindicated” By Glenn Beck In Just Three Years

The Rapid City Journal reports on the event Glenn Beck hosted in South Dakota last night … and if this excerpt does not sum up the utter ridiculousness of Beck and the entire right-wing movement today, I don’t know what does:

For Kitty Werthmann of Pierre, president of the conservative group Eagle Forum, the VIP reception was the second personal meeting she had with Beck. She appeared on his Fox News show in New York in September.

Werthmann, 84, has long preached the dangers of socialism and its influences in America, a message that Beck preaches on TV, radio and in personal appearances. Werthmann said she sees the socialist agenda in expanding government under the Obama administration as affirmation of her long-held fears.

“I have been preaching for 30 years what socialism is all about. And now we are seeing it very clear,” she said. “I remember when people always thought I was a wacko — too far out, you know. But now, I’m being vindicated.”

I first jokingly wrote about Werthmann more than three years ago and since then she has gone from being considered a “wacko” to being “vindicated” by Glenn Beck: