Frist and the Nazi Doctors

Terrence Jeffrey is none-too-happy that Senate Majority Leader Bill First has scheduled a vote on expanding stem-cell research, saying Frist merits “taxonomical reclassification as an invertebrate” – an unnecessarily complicated way of calling Frist spineless.

But being spineless is not the worst of Frist’s faults. Jeffrey suggests that he is also, unlike President Bush, worse than the Nazis

[In banning funding] Bush was echoing a principle enunciated by the U.S. judges who tried Nazi doctors at Nuremburg after World War II.

The intention of the Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act, which Frist supports and will bring to a vote in the Senate, is to take money from working Americans and give it to researchers who, by Frist’s own definition, will take a human life.

It not only violates the Nuremburg Code, it forces taxpayers to pay for the violation.

Vetoing this bill would be Bush’s finest hour. Before sending it to him, Frist ought to consider why we condemned Nazi doctors and reconsider his position—again.

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