FRC’s Agenda: Raising Money Off Of “The Agenda”

It looks as if the Family Research Council has found its primarily fund-raising ploy during the early days of the Obama administration:  exposing and fighting “The Agenda” … complete with scare quotes.

FRC first started warning its donors about this nefarious agenda last month, saying that Obama and “the Left” had a “massive plan to silence the moral voices of America and reshape our country” that only FRC could defeat.

Today it is back with another fund-raising pitch suggesting now that “The Agenda” is out to “silence you” and all the other “moral voices of America” so that “the Left [can] place America under government control”:

As you probably know by now, the Obama-Pelosi-Reid government is moving swiftly to silence you and everyone else who disagrees with “The Agenda” . . . a blueprint of their dangerous vision of an anti-faith, anti-family vision for America .

The so-called “Fairness Doctrine” is just the tip of the spear.  They’ll stop at nothing to strip Christian and conservative Americans of their voices.

Please send a gift today to ensure that Family Research Council has the funds to speak out against “The Agenda” and defend your freedom to engage in the battles to preserve marriage, the sanctity of life, religious liberty, and our pro-family values.

Silencing the moral voices of America is critical for the Left to place America under government control, except when it comes to moral or sexual restraint.

It’s all in The Agenda.  It was posted on the official White House website within hours of President Obama’s inauguration.  It’s a virtual laundry list of radical left-wing ideas, including:

“Hate Crimes” Legislation.  The Left believes people who engage in homosexual behavior deserve special legal protections and wants to punish those who speak out publicly against the homosexual agenda.

The Employment Non-Discrimination Act.  Imagine an America where radicals can use the federal government to censor pastors and ministers, the way that Canada enforces its so-called tolerance laws.  The Left thinks that is a good idea.

Then there’s the so-called “Fairness Doctrine” that I just mentioned.

The Left is trying to disguise this blatantly unconstitutional attack on the First Amendment by calling it “Community Broadcast Standards,” “Diversity” or “Localism.”

Whatever they call it, they want to drive Christian and conservative voices off the radio airwaves.

They want to silence you!