FRC Wants MA Residents to Call Upon “Senator Kirk” To Oppose Kagan

Last month is was reported that Religious Right groups were trying to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars to launch campaigns against the confirmation of Elena Kagan and that the Family Research Council was planning on spending more than $100,000 on an ad campaign against her. 

Let me just say that, for their sake, I hope FRC’s ad campaign is better organized than their current direct mail campaign in which they are asking activists in Massachusetts to contact Senators Kerry and Kirk and urge them to vote against Kagan’s confirmation:

You’d think that FRC would know that Paul Kirk was just the interim Senator tapped to fill the late Ted Kennedy’s seat and that he was replaced by Scott Brown earlier this year, especially considering that FRC hailed Brown’s election as “the culmination of thousands of townhalls, tea parties, and angry voters” a mere six months ago.