FRC To Fight Coverage For Birth Control Because “Fertility Isn’t a Disease”

Everybody knows that the Religious Right was dead-set against abortion and fought tooth-and-nail against health care reform on the grounds that it provided for taxpayer funded abortions. 

But it is also important to keep pointing out that it is not just abortion that FRC opposes, but birth control entirely:

Is Fertility a “Pre-existing Condition?”

Planned Parenthood certainly thinks so. That’s why the country’s biggest abortion provider is pushing to include free birth control as part of the new health care law. Making a change in the law would not only add billions more to the tab, but it would force Americans to pay for something they shouldn’t. Birth control is not only optional, it’s objectionable to some people. Despite what Planned Parenthood may believe, fertility (like pregnancy) isn’t a disease. It shouldn’t be placed in the same category as other basic types of medical care. FRC Action has actively lobbied against the possibility of making abortion a preventive service for women and will continue to do everything possible to ensure that this does not happen.

Just to be clear, FRC is announcing that it will fight any effort to get health care reform to cover birth control because “fertility isn’t a disease” and therefore shouldn’t be included among the “basic types of medical care” that are covered.