FRC: Office Workshops Threaten to Destroy Religious Freedom

The Family Research Council continues to drum up sentiments for their upcoming “Liberty Sunday” television rally by drawing on the theme, heavily promoted at its recent Values Voter Summit, that the so-called “homosexual agenda” is now denying people’s religious freedom across the nation. In an action alert, FRC President Tony Perkins warns that, today, “a radical agenda seeks to extinguish” the First Amendment’s protection of the free exercise of religion.

The expansion of anti-discrimination laws, including family law, to include homosexuality inevitably constricts Americans’ right to express and act on their religious beliefs.

FRC is tracking these incidents as they occur throughout the country.  Now we need your help.   We are compiling stories from across the nation on how the homosexual agenda has threatened religious liberty.  You can help us show America that government sponsorship of the homosexual agenda is a threat to the freedoms we value the most.

What does this mean? Are gays and lesbians forcing open church doors or shutting down parochial schools? Not exactly. The anecdotes Perkins is looking for to compile his crack case against the “homosexual agenda” – the ones that put the First Amendment on track toward “extinction” – are apparently woeful tales in which people merely hear about gays in public:

Have you been forced to attend pro-homosexual “diversity” training at work?  Have your children been subjected to pro-homosexual books or rhetoric in school?  If your religious liberties have been affected in these or other ways, we want to hear from you.  Send us your stories – the where, the when, and the what.  With your permission, we will publish and publicize these incidents so that all will know these are not random events, but the inevitable result of a clash of basic beliefs that puts religious freedom on a course of extinction.