FRC Is Outraged That Obama ‘Refuses To Sit On The Sidelines’

Barack Obama has been out of office for six months now, but that isn’t stopping the folks in the Family Research Council’s fundraising department from continuing to send out dire email pitches to activists warning of Obama’s supposedly nefarious plans to destroy this nation.

What dangerous thing is Obama planning now, you ask?

Well, according to a new email carrying the subject line “You Won’t Believe What Obama Is Doing Now” that was signed by FRC executive vice president Jerry Boykin, Obama outrageously “refuses to sit on the sidelines” and is daring to headline a fundraiser and campaign for Democratic candidates, all in an effort to help the “anti-God, anti-family leftists” who are “hell-bent on forcing their radical agenda on us.”

Barack Obama is already scheming with Eric Holder and Nancy Pelosi about how liberals can block the pro-family agenda.

Former President Obama refuses to sit on the sidelines, and his first overtly political act after leaving the White House is a glimpse into what we can expect of him in the coming years.

First, he’s HEADLINING a national Democratic fundraiser in Washington…

… then, Obama is hitting the campaign trail in support of liberal Virginia gubernatorial candidate Ralph Northam.

Barack Obama set all-time fundraising and voter turn-out records when he campaigned for president.

For eight grueling years, he championed abortion on demand, same-sex marriage, and the interference of the government in the private religious lives of millions of Americans.

Now anti-God, anti-family leftists are using him in every way possible to set new records and cement their radical agenda in 2017 and beyond.

This kind of political campaigning and fundraising just months after leaving office is unprecedented for former presidents, but liberals see Barack Obama as their savior.

They are hopeful that this closed-door fundraiser will help them raise big dollars, and allow them to take back much of the power they lost in 2016.

There’s no time to waste. We must prepare our plan to defeat them and halt their counterattack. We need your immediate support if we’re going to successfully beat back the Obama fundraising team.

Despite an overwhelming majority voting in favor of a conservative, pro-life, pro-family agenda in November, the radical Left is hell-bent on forcing their radical agenda on us.

We can’t let the Democrats use Obama to defeat solid conservatives across the country, which is why we need your emergency gift today.

President Bush never interfered with Barack Obama after he left office, even when Obama was bashing him and blaming President Bush left and right for liberals’ failures.

Unlike President Bush, Obama wasted no time jumping head first into fundraising and campaigning.

Obama is hitting the campaign trail any day in Virginia, and there’s no telling how many leftist donors he’s meeting with along the way.

In 2008 and 2012 Obama carried Virginia. Liberals are hopeful his support could help them win a major victory this fall.

Please help with your gift of $35, $50, $100, or more right away so we can continue defending pro-life, conservative values against the radical Obama fundraising machine in 2017 and beyond.