FRC Infuriated That CPAC Will Host Pro-Gay Rights Presidential Candidate

The Family Research Council is joining other Religious Right groups in elevating their attacks on CPAC, which begins tomorrow. The FRC is already boycotting CPAC over the conference’s inclusion of GOProud, and hosts a similar gathering called the Values Voter Summit. But today’s news that former New Mexico governor and likely GOP presidential candidate Gary Johnson will address the annual event, where he “plans on advocating legalizing marijuana and gay rights,” enraged Tom McClusky. McClusky, the FRC’s Vice President for Government Affairs, has taken to his blog to bash Johnson for his libertarian views and CPAC for including him:

Guess Who (else) Is Coming to CPAC? Grover Norquist’s pot-smoking/pro-abortion/pro-gay marriage Presidential candidate

I wrote about the pro-abortion, pro-gay marriage, pro-pot legalization, pro-illegal immigration former New Mexico governor and wannabe President Gary Johnson before when it was learned that Grover Norquist’s Americans for Tax Reform were partnering with the liberal homosexual group Log Cabin Republicans for a fundraiser for him. It appears now that CPAC is so desperate to fill speaking spots that they have invited Gary Johnson to speak at CPAC as well. What is equally likely is that they hope to divide the libertarian vote to avoid the joke of a straw poll they had last year.

The Log Cabin Republicans will be hosting a fundraiser for Johnson, who supports “gay unions,” on CPAC’s opening night.

Norquist, for his part, earlier today called boycotting groups like the FRC “loser organizations.”