Frank Gaffney Wonders If Muslim Brotherhood Agents Are Stopping Trump From Labeling Them Terrorists

Frank Gaffney, an anti-Muslim radio host and president of the Center for Security Policy, theorized that the reason President Trump had not labeled the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization may be because the government has been infiltrated by the organization.

On Friday, Gaffney spoke with former Department of Homeland Security employee Phil Haney about their mutual longing to see the Trump administration label the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization. Gaffney said he had hoped Trump would have applied the classification “early on” in his presidency after hearing Trump’s campaign rhetoric about radical Islamic terror.

Gaffney, in an attempt to explain why Trump had not done as he predicted, theorized that there may be Muslim Brotherhood operatives in the government preventing him from doing so.

“Are there still Muslim Brotherhood operatives or sympathizers or enablers inside our government?” Gaffney asked Haney. “If so, is that why the Trump administration has not designated the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization?”

“I think it is,” Harvey replied.