Frank Amedia ‘Saw How Angry And Hurt Our Lord Was’ When The White House Was Bathed In Rainbow Colors

During the Saturday afternoon session at last weekend’s POTUS Shield gathering in South Carolina, tsunami-stopping pastor Frank Amedia asked participants to make plans to join him outside of the White House in October to repent for this nation having mocked God when the White House was bathed in rainbow colors back in 2015.

Amedia, who served as a volunteer “Christian policy liaison” for Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, said that POTUS Shield is planning to gather at the gates of the White House ahead of the upcoming “Awaken The Dawn” rally that will take place on the National Mall.

“I went berserk when they bathed the White House in the colors of the rainbow a couple of years back,” Amedia said, “because I saw how angry and hurt our Lord was from the heavenlies. You thought the Tower of Babel hurt him? Can you imagine seeing that lit up from the heavenlies? They could see it in satellites and in the orbiting space capsule, they saw it in the laboratory. They saw it lit up.”

“It’s celebrating the fact that we were mocking our God from the White House,” he said. “We had to really pray for a lot of mercy through that, didn’t we? So I think it is good that we go back to that place and begin to declare one nation under God.”