Fox News’ Bream Has Ties To Jerry Falwell

Just yesterday we noted that the Right’s primary talking point in opposing President Bush’s first judicial nominee, David Hamilton, is that he has ties to ACORN. Of course, as we pointed out, said ties consist entirely of a one-month stint as a fund-raiser for the organization some thirty years ago.

But apparently that is still enough to damn Hamilton in the eyes of the Right, as they continue to repeat it:

Hamilton is being touted as a moderate, but Curt Levey of the Committee for Justice disagrees. “He’s just your classic, liberal judicial activist on issues like abortion, criminal issues such as suppression of evidence and sex offenders, separation of church and state issues,” he says … n addition, Hamilton has had some off-duty activities that have come to Levey’s attention. “The guy has had a leadership role in the Indiana Chapter of the ACLU, and we know how the ACLU feels about religion,” Levey adds. “He even did fundraising for the ultra, ultra liberal group ACORN, so none of this is surprising.”

As we pointed out yesterday, this assertion was first put forth by Wendy Long of the Judicial Confirmation Network and has now made its way into press, with Fox News citing it during a segment on Hamilton’s nomination yesterday.

Media Matters has posted the clip which features Long, as well as our president, Kathryn Kolbert, during which Fox News reporter Shannon Bream segues into a quote from Long by noting that “critics say Hamilton has ties to the liberal activist group ACORN:”

Interestingly, Shannon Bream is a graduate of Liberty University, so maybe we should mention that she has ties to Jerry Falwell … ties that are, incidentally, far more substantial than Hamilton’s supposed “ties” to ACORN.