Former ‘700 Club’ Co-Host Indicts Blacks for ‘Evil Deeds’ for Voting Democratic

Ben Kinchlow was a long-time co-host of the “700 Club,” but he struck out on his own a number of years ago. On Friday, he returned to talk with Pat Robertson about his new self-published book, “Black Yellowdogs.”

According to Kinchlow, the media and mainstream civil rights leaders are duping black voters into voting for Democrats, and thus into “partaking” in the party’s supposed “evil deeds” on issues such as abortion, prayer in school, and affirmative action. Watch:

Some of our African-American political awareness leaders can preach. I mean these guys can preach, man. And you get up there and you start listening to them, and the next thing you know you’re patting your foot and you’re slapping your knees, and going ‘Amen!’ because the rhythm of the rhetoric catches you up. But what are they really saying?

Kinchlow describes proponents of affirmative action as “really saying” that black people “lack the capacity to keep up with everybody else. That’s what’s being said. ‘Massa, slavery done cut off one of our feets. We can’t run as fast as everybody else.’”