For Third Straight Year, Satan Attacks Rod Parsley’s Finances

In what has become an annual Christmas tradition, televangelist and conservative activist Rod Parsley is pleading with viewers to send his Breakthrough ministry more money to fight back an attack from Satan himself. Just as he said last year and the year before that, Parsley claims that Satan is attacking the finances of his ministry, which received an F grade for financial transparency, and it is now facing a $1.2 million deficit:

Satan has attacked Breakthrough’s finances and we need $1.2 million by year’s end! Thank God for the Matching Challenge that can DOUBLE every gift!

This year we watched Parsley launch diatribes against legal abortion, Planned Parenthood and marriage equality, warn of the imminent Rapture and the coming of the Antichrist, and dance around with a fat suit and pretend to do bong hits. Parsley also took part in meetings spearheaded by James Robison to unite Religious Right groups in the presidential election.

Parsley begged for more donations, likely to fund his extravagant lifestyle, and fend off demonic attacks: