Focus Really Doesn’t Want You To See Its “Pray for Rain” Video

As we noted earlier this week, Focus on the Family yanked its video featuring Stuart Shepard asking supporters to beseech God with prayers so that Barack Obama’s Democratic Convention speech at Mile High Stadium in Denver would be washed out with “rains of biblical proportion.”

The video and attempt to hide it generated so much attention that Shepard was forced to apologize, kind of, in his latest video:

Despite their efforts to remove the video, someone else uploaded a copy of it to YouTube which quickly generated more than 100,000 views.  But now, Focus has gone after that version as well and gotten YouTube to remove it.

But try as they might, there are still several versions of the clip available on YouTube and now, News Blab 2008, which first posted the copy of the FOF video to YouTube, has gone ahead and posted it again on their own website, saying Focus “obviously [does] not understand Copyright ‘Fair Use’ when reporting a news story.”

On top of that, Good As You also has a copy of it posted on their website.

And now, so do we:

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