Focus President Jim Daly Says He Will Not Endorse Political Candidates

Over the weekend, the Wall Street Journal produced yet another story about how Focus on the Family is becoming kinder and gentler under the leadership of new President Jim Daly, with Daly asserting that, unlike Dr. Dobson, he will not be endorsing political candidates, saying “I don’t think that’s helpful. Who cares, really, what I think?”:

Mr. Daly, 48, said he wasn’t backing away from Mr. Dobson’s conservative social agenda, as the Super Bowl ad shows. The ministry collected more than $2.5 million just days after Mr. Daly proposed the idea.

But, Mr. Daly said, he has no use for the sharp personal attacks on politicians employed by Mr. Dobson.

“I don’t see evil behind everything,” Mr. Daly said. Mr. Dobson declined to be interviewed for this article.

Mr. Daly said he preferred to build bridges with others. While Mr. Dobson blasted President Barack Obama for “fruitcake” ideas, Mr. Daly praised the president for his devotion to family and last summer attended a White House event celebrating fatherhood.

On abortion, Mr. Daly said he wouldn’t spend much energy fighting for a ban—though that remained his ultimate goal—but would emphasize adoption.

The ministry’s political action budget is about $10 million, the same as in years past. Mr. Daly said he hasn’t yet decided what role the organization will play in this year’s elections.

Mr. Daly said he would reinvigorate the organization’s central mission—”helping marriages, helping parents”—which he said had been overshadowed by Mr. Dobson’s activism.

Politically, that may lead the group into surprising new territory. The ministry has never dealt much with immigration, for example. But Mr. Daly said he planned to take a fresh look at the issue because “families are being torn apart” through deportations.

In a related blog post, the WSJ notes that one of Focus’s newest efforts is an on-line video series called “Jelly Telly” which is aimed at teaching Biblical Principles to children: