Focus Covets GOD TV’s Audience

It seems that God TV is fast becoming the Religious Right’s media outlet of choice.

Just before the election, relatively moderate right-wing figures like John Hagee, Pat Robertson, Tony Perkins, and James Dobson participated in a God TV “Election Special” where they split time with fringe figures like Jill Austin, Cindy Jacobs, and Lou Engle (and if you think people like Hagee and Robertson don’t deserve to be called “relatively moderate,” they you obviously aren’t familiar with people like Austin or Jacobs.  Compared to them, Robertson and the like seem downright reasonable):

God TV’s founders, Rory and Wendy Alec, then followed up that special with a new series designed to prepare their viewers for the End Times:

Guests on ‘Apocalypse and the End Times’ include: Grant Jeffrey, who has written ‘The Next World War’ and ‘Countdown To The Apocalypse’; Dr Mike Evans author of ‘Betrayed: The Conspiracy to Divide Jerusalem’ and ‘The Final Move Beyond Iraq’; Gary Kah, author of ‘En Route to Global Occupation’ and ‘The New World Religion’; Chuck Missler, author of many books, including ‘Alien Encounters’ who will share on the UFO controversy; and Dr Larry Bates, author of ‘The New Economic Disorder’ who will teach believers how to protect their assets in a time of crisis ….Throughout the month, a wide range of topics will be covered on GOD TV – from the Second Coming to the Rapture, the Illuminati, the antichrist, mark of the beast as well as issues such as UFOs and Aliens, bird flue and the current economic meltdown.

Now it looks like Focus on the Family has been so impressed with the station that they have decided to partner up:

For the past 10 years Focus on the Family has bravely proclaimed a bold message of freedom in Christ through its ‘Love Won Out’ conferences. Now for the first time, this important event is to be televised around the world by GOD TV, starting this Friday, January 16.

“As a Christian broadcaster, it has been on my heart for years to reach out to those in the Church who may be struggling with issues of same-sex attraction, as these are so rarely addressed in our current Church environments,” said Wendy Alec who heads up GOD TV’s programming. “It is therefore a great privilege for GOD TV to be partnering with Focus on the Family to bring this much-needed series to TV screens across the globe.”

“Homosexuality affects men and women from different countries and cultures,” said Melissa Fryrear, director of Focus’ gender issues department. “Yet the Bible’s message to them remains the same: change is possible for those who struggle with unwanted same-sex attraction. The platform GOD TV provides us is a dream come true and an answered prayer. I can’t think of a better way to commemorate Love Won Out’s first decade than celebrating the important milestone at home, while sharing our joy with the world.”

As it turns out, the first airing of FOF’s “Love Won Out” conference follows directly on the heels of the latest installment of “Apocalypse & The End Times,” while the second follows coverage of the International Prophecy Conference.  

Apparently Focus on the Family considers viewers of this sort of programming to be just the kind of audience it is trying to reach with its message.