Florida Family Association Compares Muslims to Snakes, Wins Support from Other Fringe Activists

Even after Lowe’s and other companies succumbed to the demands of the ultraconservative Florida Family Association, which routinely launches pressure campaigns against advertisers on shows like Modern Family, Dancing With the Stars, and Degrassi, to drop their ads on TLC’s reality show All-American Muslim, the FFA has ramped up its attacks on the Muslim community. While defending his group’s efforts, David Caton of the FFA likened American Muslims to snakes:

The show was not an accurate portrayal American Muslims, he said, because it doesn’t disclose that “99.9 percent of Muslims agree with the principles of Sharia law,” the restrictive religious code that Caton and others warn leads to the spread of Islamic extremism.

“This has all to do with the way this program was constructed to deliberately present Muslims in America as one flavor,” he told The Associated Press. “It would be similar to the Learning Channel doing a report on ‘snakes are good family pets’ without reporting that there are four in Florida that are venomous. ….For TLC to choose to profile five people as an aberration of the Islamic faith is propaganda.”

Pamela Geller, whose diatribe against the show helped spark the FFA’s campaign, pleaded with readers to shop at Lowe’s, blasting a California lawmaker who criticized Lowe’s and Russell Simmons for placing ads on the show to push back against FFA’s pressure campaign:

Advertisers like Lowes are choosing not run their ads on this propaganda. Good for them. The idea that Russel Simmons is threatening and intimidating is indicative of how little Simmons knows of sharia and Islam. Islamic racism is monstrous and is rampant today.

A craven lawmaker seeks to exploit this non-story. Lowes chose not to advertise. That’s it. Are we going to force advertisers to finance propaganda or taqiyya?

PLEASE SHOP LOWES. And send a word of thanks to Lowe’s Corporate for their decision to drop the show’s sponsorship.

The FFA is also finding support from Religious Right groups such as the American Decency Association, which called All-American Muslimdangerous” because the people featured on the reality show don’t talk about jihad, which if you believe anti-Muslim stereotypes is what all Muslims talk about all the time! The group’s president also knocked the Council on American-Islamic Relations for criticizing Lowe’s, arguing that CAIR wants to “overcome our very own Constitution”:

Bill Johnson, president of American Decency Association, argues that the show is a complete whitewash designed to make the Muslim community appear attractive.

“And that’s what makes it so dangerous,” he tells OneNewsNow. “We’ve been watching it over these several weeks that it’s been broadcast, and they stay very conveniently away from [mentioning] jihad or anything of that nature.”

Johnson says their campaign has brought on the ire of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, which has described the efforts as “bigoted” and “pander[ing] to those who promote religious and ethnic hatred.” But CAIR, he says, must be exposed for what it truly is.

“They are not [in the] mainstream,” he alleges. “They’re operating behind the scenes, propagandizing it [Islam] to influence the young and the old so that one day they can incorporate sharia law in our country and overcome our very own Constitution.”

The ADA said it would join the FFA in pressuring TLC to drop the show “because it is merely trying to make us dumb and dumber”:

For that is what TLC is doing with “All American Muslim” – trying to show a small set of people as representing a movement that has evil intentions not only upon America but upon the world.

There is so much at stake in just playing dumb or actually being dumb and silent. There is already enough evidence in Europe and throughout the world to see the handwriting on the wall as we study radical Islam’s strategy and observe it being unfolded around the world. Therefore we monitor this seemingly innocuous show because it is merely trying to make us dumb and dumber. We are to accept the show and it’s one-sided portrayal of Islam at face value but that truly is unwise.

We monitor the show and comment because we believe there is more than ample evidence to conclude that America is targeted!