Flashback: Gingrich’s Presidential Campaign To Heavily Rely On Barton’s Counsel and Advice

Hooray!  Thrice-married family values paragon Newt Gingrich will soon officially announce that he’s setting up a presidential exploratory committee … and he’s even got his website up and running already.

So now would be as good a time as any to repost this audio clip from last September when Gingrich promised that if he did decide to run, David Barton would play a key role in the effort (in the clip, Gingrich is actually speaking to Rick Green, Barton’s colleague at Wallbuilders, but his remarks are clearly aimed at Barton):

Green: Mr. Speaker, my wife and I were really wanting to be able to vote for you for president two years ago. Are we going to get to do that in 2012?

Gingrich: All I can tell you is that sometime in February or March, Calista and I and our family will be making this decision. As you know, I’m a great admirer of your work and of all you’ve done to teach Americans about their history and the roots of American freedom. And I can assure you that if we do decide to run next year, we’re promptly going to call you and say “we need your help, and we need your advice, and we need your counsel.” It’s more than a voting matter. If we decide to run, David, we’re going to need you.