Flashback: Bryan Fischer Thanks Right Wing Watch

As Bryan Fischer complains that our new report and continuing monitoring of his daily ranting represents a “jihad” against him, we at Right Wing Watch would like to remember happier days when the American Family Association spokesman lauded our efforts to monitor his unrelenting bigotry:

Fischer: Right Wing Watch paid careful attention to this program yesterday and carved up a lot of my comments into little mini-bits that are on their website. If you want to go to Right Wing Watch, you can view clips, the excerpts from my program yesterday. They’ve got complete transcripts of everything I’ve said and, as far as I’m concerned, it’s terrific. They’re doing me a favor because they gave me a platform to explain my position on homosexuality and to explain my position specifically on Muslims in the military, I’m happy with everything I said, I stand behind everything I said yesterday as well as what I have said before. And I thank the folks at Right Wing Watch for helping to get the word out.