Fischer’s Religious Test: Romney’s Mormon Faith “Ought To Be An Issue in 2012”

Bryan Fischer generally kicks off his daily radio program with an extended discussion of a particular passage of Scripture, followed by a related prayer.  On Friday’s program, the piece of Scripture was “The Resurrection and Marriage” from Luke 21: 27-40 … but this discussion went on far longer than normal, giving Fischer an opportunity to rail against marriag equality and also to declare that Mitt Romney’s Mormon faith “ought to be an issue in 2012” and that Romney ought to be forced to publicly declare whether he embraces Mormon teachings that conflict with the Bible so that voters can decide “whether they want somebody with those convictions sitting in the Oval Office”:

The purpose of marriage, ultimately, is children. That;’s it. Now there are other purposes: it’s there for pleasure; it’s there for companionship, and all of those are celebrated in the Scriptures. But the fundamental purpose of the institution of marriage is the procreation of children. And God has designed that relationship – one man, one woman – that’s why we can never call homosexual relationships “marriages” because procreation is impossible. It is a biological impossibility with them. When you have a married couple that wants to conceive and can’t, that’s a tragedy. Homosexual couples – conception is an impossibility, biologically. And that’s why we never should dignify those relationships with the term “marriage” …

[We were] talking in the first segment about Jesus’ teach and the resurrection and about marriage. This is interesting, by the way – remember, Mitt Romney is fully intending to run for the presidency in 2012. I read an article this morning – well, I just kind of scanned it – talking about the fact that his Mormon theology could be a serious problem for him in 2012 and I believe frankly that his Mormon theology ought to be an issue in 2012. I mean, we’re talking about the most powerful person in the world.

Religious convictions are out most deeply held convictions. These are the deepest part of us; things we believe to be true about God and God’s truth and God’s will. And Mitt Romney believes that there will be marriages in Heaven, that you will populate your own planet and will be siring children for all of eternity. This is flatly contradictory to what Jesus teaches. He says quite directly “in the resurrection, they neither marry nor are given in marriage.” I mean you can’t get any more direct than that – they neither marry nor are given in marriage. And yet the LDS church teaches that people will be married for all of eternity.

So a direct contradiction between Mormon theology and the teaching of Jesus Christ himself and so I think it’s appropriate for Mr. Romney to be about the various distinctions of LDS theology, does he believe them. There’s no Christian that has to be embarrassed about publicly embracing any of the fundamental elements. You take the Apostle’s Creed, the great creeds of the church and you ask any Christian candidate for public office “do you believe in the Trinity?”A Christian has no hesitation to saying “yes.” Do you believe in the inspiration of the Scripture? Absolutely. Do you believe in the sinless life of Christ? Absolutely. Do you believe in the resurrection of Christ? Absolutely. Do you believe in the universal church? Absolutely. Do you believe in the second coming of Christ? Absolutely.

No Christian needs to have any hesitation about publicly embracing the fundamentals of Christian theology and I think it’s important to ask Mr. Romney, does he embrace the fundamentals of LDS theology and let the American people decide whether they want somebody with those convictions sitting in the Oval Office.