Fischer: You Either Stand With Carl Paladino or You Are a “Nancy-Boy”

Over the weekend New York Republican gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino made news by teaming up with radical anti-gay activist Yehuda Levin and delivering an anti-gay diatribe.

So, naturally, Bryan Fischer immediately came running to his defense:

Everything – every single thing – that Paladino said about the homosexual lifestyle yesterday was dead on the money. What he said is so true and so evident and so obvious that the real controversy here is that there is any controversy at all.

The fact that homosexual activists will now bare their fangs, veritably dripping saliva as they go for Paladino’s carotid artery, and will do so with the full-throated blessing of the out-of-the-mainstream media, only illustrates the enormously dangerous clout these purveyors of perversity have been given in our culture.

There frankly is no other kind of homosexual than the dysfunctional kind. Homosexuals are dysfunctional by the very nature of the aberrant sexual conduct in which they engage. As the Roman Catholic Church correctly says, homosexual behavior is “intrinsically disordered.”

It is so contrary to nature, so self-destructive, that it is no surprise that homosexuals have much higher rates of suicide (tragically illustrated a number of times in recent weeks), suicidal thoughts, drug abuse, mental illness, and sexually-transmitted diseases than the population as a whole. The rates of domestic abuse in same-sex relationships is two to four times that found in the straight population.

There is a notorious obsession with sex in the homosexual community, where monogamy is virtually non-existent and many homosexuals report hundreds and even thousands of sexual partners over the course of a lifetime. Anonymous sex with total strangers is a routine part of the homosexual lifestyle, sex in bathhouses, public bathrooms, and the bushes in public parks … If anything, Paladino understated the case against making endorsement of homosexual conduct a part of public policy and a part of public school curricula.

Fischer concludes by making Paladino’s remarks the new standard for determining whether someone truly holds pro-family views and I , for one, wholeheartedly support Fischer’s demand that the media insist that all conservative candidates go on the record as to where they stand:

I frankly hope the Ministers of Propaganda at places like the networks, the Associated Press, the New York Times, and the Washington Post start pinning down other pro-family candidates on what they think of Mr. Paladino’s remarks. It’s time for pro-family candidates to put up or shut up. You’re either with Carl Paladino or you’re with them. We need to know where you stand. Do you have the backbone of Mr. Paladino, or are you a nancy-boy who will try to finesse this issue or dodge it altogether? Inquiring minds want to know.