Fischer: “We Are Looking Into the Face of Satan Himself” When Palin is Attacked

Bryan Fischer says that vitriol aimed at Sarah Palin is, quite literally, demonic and that when she is attacked “we are looking into the face of Satan himself”:

The hatred directed at her is mindless, it is baseless, it is utterly irrational, and it is disturbing to an alarming degree. When we look into the face of the unvarnished and seething meanness focused on Ms. Palin, we are looking into the face of evil. We are looking into the face of Satan himself, who is the ultimate source of this vitriol and toxic hate.

We are witnessing unvarnished demonic evil on full display, without decoration, without refinement, without cover. It does not even pretend to be anything other than pure homicidal rage and hate.

It shows us what we are up against in our civil war over cultural values, and reveals the malicious invective that is constantly directed at Ms. Palin and her family.

For those of us who believe in the existence of Satan, as Christ clearly did, then this is a sobering reminder that we battle not just against flesh and blood, as the apostle reminds us in Ephesians 6, but against the “spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places.”