Fischer: US Must Stop Spilling Christian Blood For Muslims

It is getting to the point where it is impossible to be shocked by anything that the American Family Association’s Bryan Fischer says, since everything he says is rooted in his own bigoted ignorance.

Take, for instance, his latest column:

We should get out of Iraq and Afghanistan for one simple reason: we are spilling American blood to build Islamic states.

Now Fischer makes no secret of his hatred for Muslims, nor of his view that all of our laws and policy should be conducted in accordance with the Bible, so I guess it was only a matter of time before took those views to their logical conclusion and stated that we should stop spilling US (i.e., Christian) blood for the sake of Muslims:

So in terms of the only yardstick that counts — religious liberty — our efforts in both Iraq and Afghanistan are miserable, sorry failures. This is especially grievous since we are a Christian nation whose leaders — Republican and Democratic alike — seem careless about the lives and liberties of our brothers and sisters in the faith. This callousness is grossly irresponsible at best and deeply immoral, unjust and wrong at worst.

In the ancient book of Genesis, God gives the secret to a nation’s success. If a nation wants his blessing, he told Abraham, it need only do one simple thing: bless the descendants of Abraham.

“I will bless those who bless you,” says the Lord, “and him who dishonors you I will curse” (Gen. 12:3). God has never revoked that promise.

You can hardly find two places on earth where the descendants of Abraham — whether they are physical descendants of Abraham (the Jews) or spiritual descendants of Abraham (Christians) — are treated with less honor than they are in Iraq and Afghanistan.

In other words, we have done a positive disservice not only to our brothers and sisters in the faith in these two countries, we have also done a grave disservice to the countries themselves. They have no hope of prosperity, of enjoying God’s blessing, until they begin to bless and protect the seed of Abraham.

Until that day comes, they will continue to rest under the curse of God, and we — the greatest and most powerful nation on earth — will have kept them there. Shame on us.

I have a simple question: does Fischer not realize that Muslims also consider themselves descendants of Abraham, though his son Ishmael?