Fischer: The Only Time I’ve Been Into a Mosque Was to Pray That God Would Destroy It

Just a reminder that Bryan Fischer really, really hates Islam. 

Today, he is outraged by the fact that First Lady Michelle Obama put on a head-covering before entering a mosque while on a trip to Indonesia with the President. Fischer declares that if he were president, he would do no such thing and would, in fact, refuse to enter a mosque all together, admitting that the one time he did enter the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem he prayed that God would tear it down:

I don’t know what I would do if I was in the President’s place and Debbie was accompanying me to a mosque. I think I’d say “look, there is no way we are doing that.” We just won’t go into that mosque. If they only way they are going to let you into the mosque if you got to cover your head and act like a Muslim for that visit, then we’re not going in there.

If they want us to come in, if they want the President of the United Sates to visit their mosque, if it’s important enough to ’em, then they’re going to let you come in without that silly head-covering, that silly scarf on your head that you wouldn’t wear at any other time. That’s what I would be inclined to do and I would just skip on the visit to a mosque, might not even go to a mosque at all.

I did one time visit the mosque on the Mount in Jerusalem when I was there ten, twelve years ago. And I did go into the mosque and I prayed inside that mosque, I did kind of a prayer walk around the centerpiece there, the stone that Mohammad was supposed to have landed on the night he made his journey to Heaven and just walked around that quietly praying that God would bring down this false religion and establish the truth in its place.

That’s the only time I’ve been into a mosque, and it was to pray that God would pull that house down.

This segment was then followed by an interview with Rep. Steve King.