Fischer Takes on CPAC, Palin, and Parenting

Today on his radio show Bryan Fischer of the American Family Association, who has already criticized CPAC over their inclusion of the gay conservatives group GOProud, is now upset with Sarah Palin. In an interview with the Christian Broadcasting Network, Palin seemed to dismiss the complaints of boycotters, like Fischer, that GOProud should be excluded from the conference. Palin recently turned down the opportunity to give the keynote address at CPAC, which despite the outcry among the Religious Right will feature speakers like Michele Bachmann, Rick Santorum, and Phyllis Schlafly.

Fischer blasts conservatives who support “the normalization of homosexuality,” and says that “the homosexual lifestyle itself is extremely dangerous to human health and simple compassion dictates that we should discourage people from that kind of behavior just as we frown on smoking.” While he believes that “the homosexual agenda” threatens “the freedom of association,” he goes on to attack CPAC for associating with groups like GOProud and Palin for defending the decision. He praises Palin for her unpopularity among the left (and actually, most Americans), but adds that “if Sarah Palin continues to send such uncertain signals, [liberals] may start leaving her alone.”

He later takes a caller who wants to discuss a boy who sometimes wears skirts and jewelry, and Fischer discusses his own expertise in parenting, saying he would tell his children, “My responsibility in life is not to give you a happy childhood,” sternly adding, “By the way, if this question should come up in the future, you are having a happy childhood.”