Fischer Offers to Headline GOProud’s “Homocon 2011”

In our post yesterday on the debacle the resulted from GOProud’s decision to have Ann Coulter speak at their “Homocon 2010” event where she basically insulted everyone in attendance, we noted that as GOProud’s Christopher Barron was defending the move by claiming “we’re the only gay group that had the balls to have someone like Ann Coulter come speak to them.”

In response, I suggested that if Barron really wanted to prove how tough GOProud was, they should invite Bryan Fischer to headline their “Homocon 2011” event because he would undoubtedly deliver a speech that make their heads spin.

Well, we have some good news, because Fischer saw our post and has now officially offered his services for “Homocon 2011”:

And the word to organizers of “Homocon 2011,” I will be happy to accept your invitation and your speaking fee to “Homocon 2011.”

Do not, however, expect a message fundamentally different from the one that you heard from Ann Coulter this year.

So there you go, GOProud – it looks like we have helped you line up your keynote speaker for next year’s event.

You are welcome.