Fischer: Muslims Don’t Have To Convert, Just Renounce Islam

A few weeks ago, Bryan Fischer wrote a post declaring that any Muslim “who wants to become an American had best be prepared to drop his Islam and his Qur’an at Ellis Island” and convert to Christianity.

That was too much for the American Family Association, which pulled down Fischer’s post and changed it to remove all of Fischer’s demands for conversion. 

But, as we pointed out, just because the AFA changed Fischer’s post, that didn’t mean that Fischer doesn’t really believe that Muslims ought to be forced to convert to Christianity if they want to become Americans, because he absolutely does. 

But he won’t say that … so instead he just says that they need to renouce Islam, as he explained on his radio program yesterday:

We need to insist that immigrants to the United States affirm and believe in the superiority of Western civilization in general and the Judeo-Christian system of values and truth claims in particular over alternative value systems such as Sharia law. So you want to come here, you have to renounce Shariah law if you’re a Muslim. You got to renounce death for apostates. You got to renounce husbands beating their wives. You got to renounce calling Jews “apes and pigs.” You got to renounce the bloodshed of infidels.

So I guess Fischer would also support making any Christians or Jews who want to immigrate to the US renounce the Bible’s demands that infidels be stoned, children who curse their parents or rebel must be put to death, that daughters of priests who become prostitutes must be burned alive.  Right?